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Review Article

Year: 2019 | Month: February | Volume: 9 | Issue: 2 | Pages: 267-277

Potential Role of Physical Therapy in the Field of Genetic and Cellular Rehabilitation: A Review of Literature

Deepanjali Sharma1, Jyoti Ganai2, Sohrab Ahmed Khan2

1Student, Masters of Physiotherapy, 2Assistant Professor,
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, SNSAH, Jamia Hamdard University New Delhi, India

Corresponding Author: Deepanjali Sharma


This literature review proposes the future scope of biotechnology & physical therapy in the field of cellular & genetic rehabilitation. Multiple articles were searched using the key words “genetic regeneration”, “cellular rehabilitation” on various online search engines. Today a majority of the rehabilitation approaches used clinically are predominantly centered on minimizing an inflammatory response and pain immediately following injury but not working towards scientific ways that can regenerate the lost or damaged muscle. Our ability to restore damaged tissues and organs today relies mainly on interventional approaches. However, with constantly evolving technology, the scientific community needs to engage in interdisciplinary cross-fertilization with an understanding of different tools that can be used to restore tissue functions more holistically.

Key words: genetics, rehabilitation, biotechnology, physical therapy.

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