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Review Article

Year: 2018 | Month: December | Volume: 8 | Issue: 12 | Pages: 156-159

Introduction of Trimarma with Special Reference to Sirah Marma

Dr. Noopur Singh Solanki1, Dr. Nishi Jain2

1PG Scholar 2nd Year, Department of Sharir Rachana, NIA, Jaipur.
2PhD Scholar, Department of Sharir Rachana, NIA, Jaipur.

Corresponding Author: Dr. Noopur Singh Solanki


Concept of Marma is such an imperative and unique principle of Ayurveda. Trimarma are the basic organs of body representing the three different systems- nervous, cardiovascular and urinary system. Trimarma are gaining importance as “tripod of life” because they are more Sadhyopranhara Marma than other Marma. Sirah Marma is considered first because trauma to head causes disturbance in respiratory, circulatory and temperature regulating centre in brain may lead to unconsciousness and death. Acharya Charak has stated that Prana is situated in Siras which is also called as Uttamangam due to its control over all the Indriya. In this paper an effort is made to compile and analyse the fundamental concept of Trimarma.

Key words: Marma, Sirah Marma, Trimarma

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