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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: October | Volume: 8 | Issue: 10 | Pages: 150-160

A Study to Determine the Level of Satisfaction of Parents with the Nursing Care for Children Admitted in Paediatric Oncology Ward and Seek its Association with Selected Factors in Selected government Hospitals of Delhi

Mrs. Saumini Prasannan1, Dr. Daisy Thomas2

1Nursing Officer, R.N., R.M., MN, Kalawati Saran Childrens’ Hospital, New Delhi
2Registrar, Delhi Nursing Council, New Delhi

Corresponding Author: Mrs. Saumini Prasannan


The objectives of the study were: - to identify the level of satisfaction of parents with the nursing care, for children admitted in paediatric oncology ward in selected government hospitals. To seek association between parent’s satisfactions with nursing care provided and selected factors (Present Age of the child, Sex of the child, Age of the parents, Sex of the parents, Educational status of parents, Previous experience of hospitalization of the parents with any of their child, Dependency of the child on parents, Duration of illness) The sample population consisted of100 parents whose children were admitted in the paediatric oncology units of 3 selected hospitals in Delhi and stay in the hospital is of 5days or more during the study period. System model conceptual framework was developed for this study and the approach was Descriptive survey. Purposive non probability sampling technique was used and the tool was structured interview schedule. Data analysis shows that 83% of the parents were Partially Satisfied and 17% were satisfied with paediatric oncology nursing care. Highly satisfied paediatric nursing care areas were Nutrition (mean267), Investigation / procedure (mean 254.33), utilisation of care and Admission (mean252.2). The areas of least satisfied paediatric nursing care areas were Elimination (mean193.33), Play and activity (mean195), Personal hygiene, Comfort measures (218.5). Chi-square test was computed to seek the relationship between parents’ satisfaction scores and the selected factors were not found statistically significant at 0.05 level of significance.

Key words: paediatric oncology, parent’s satisfactions, Dependency, Previous experience, Duration of illness

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